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The handsome chap with the beard is my other half, Jason.  I'm sure he'll want to write something about himself at some point, but in the meantime, I'll sketch you an idea of what he's like.  He's an outdoorsy, getting his hands dirty kind of chap, fixated by all manner of new 'things' - from mountain biking to knife making, scuba diving to Daoism.  If there's a thing to be learned, he's there!  He's also very amenable to putting big bugs out of windows, although he's less keen on the wispy little garden spiders that manage to sneak into Moglet from time to time.  That’s him on the right, looking very pleased with a little orange toggle he scavenged from the beach!  That’s also him below with his good mate Rich, getting very muddy on one of their numerous forays into Wales on big BMW’s...

About Us


My name is Claire, and I'm the web-fiddler, standing in the picture below with my big fuzzy hair next to my short-lived bike (the bike was fine, but all that luggage was just too damn heavy for me).  After a long and not very varied career in financial services since I was 18, packing it all up and disappearing off in a truck seemed like an obvious thing to do next.  Me and Jason met a few years back, in an internet chat room of all places, got along fabulously well and were planning our first house purchase together within a few months of our first date.  It's all been going pretty swimmingly since then, although more than one person has been kind enough to point out there's nothing like living in each others pockets for a couple of years to really test a relationship!  That said, I’m happy to report that its been over a year since we left our ‘normal’ life together, and we haven’t killed each other yet!