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So here she is, in all her lovely original loveliness on purchase day!

This is our Mercedes Benz Unimog 1300L, otherwise known as Moglet! She'd been a camper before, and during the early part of 2008 we were involved in the process of purchasing her from the nice people at Atkinson Vos  in Lancashire. By the start of May 2008, she was still with them while she waited for a second MOT (failing the first one as a headlight was mounted upside down??) - these can take a while to get scheduled as although she has a standard MOT the same as a car, she's too big for your typical testing centre so has to wait her turn at the nearest lorry testing site...




June 2008 Update - She passed!  She was then trundled into the workshop for various mechanical upgrades to get her ready for the trip. We didn’t have a huge list of work to do, but did address things like replacing the standard kit with heavy duty springs and shocks onto the back, to make her more sturdy on bumpy roads, and hopefully also reduce the swaying motion you get when you're parked up and it’s windy - that’s the downside to having such a bit truck - aerodynamic, she ain’t!  She also needed a few spots of rust attended to on the cab, so we went for a re-spray in royal blue too, as well as new chunkier tyres.

September 2008 Update - At last, we had a collection date!! September 23rd we took the train up to Atkinson Vos, armed with all the useful things we could cram into a couple of backpacks, picked up Moglet and headed off!

The rest of this section gives you a bit of a tour of Moglet as she was when we collected her, and to read about what happened on Collection Day onwards, please head off to The Trip section.

As at March 2010. Jason is planning on going all around Moglet with a camera, taking pictures of all kinds of things nice and up close.  So although at the moment its a bit of an overview, in a little while it should be a lot more detailed - and he does take requests so if there’s anything in particular you’d like pictures/words about, let us know!

2008 - Moglet on the day we bought her. Note the sensible road tyres...

Jason also thought it might be useful to have a quick little series of pictures to show how Moglet has grown up with us, and the changes she’s had from the outside.  So here you go...