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Now the first shocking thing we had to realise was that our long term jolly was going to need a fair amount of work and training beforehand to give it any hope of being happy and successful!  So much for the bumming around off work for months on end...


As you’d expect, most of this section has been lifted from the original website, back in the dim and distant past when we lived inside a brick box rather than a tin one - so you’ll have to make allowances for historic references etc.


But to get things off to a fantastic start, the best bit about the whole Planning exercise has to be Planning on Quitting Your Job!!


Isn’t it the best feeling in the world, handing in your notice so you can head off travelling??!!  I had the necessary chats with the bosses a week or so ago, although still have a three month notice period to work.  The other half also tracked down his boss and had a talk with him, although he's not on a contract at work so could technically leave any time he liked.


That said, three months is still a long time and I'm on a bit of a see-saw, veering from a state of cant-be-arsedness, over to near panic at all the things I want to finish before I leave.  Kind of weird having to recruit for my own replacement too - is it possible there's someone else out there who could be as good at my job as me?? :-)


So, mid-September and we'll both be free from the shackles of commercialism and able to really throw ourselves into last-minute preparations.  Kick-off is likely to be mid-November onwards, and there's still so much to do!


Today is the 10th September and I've been off work for a week!  It's kind of weird, but there's so much to do, I don’t really have time to sit still and think about it.  Jason finishes on Friday then heads off to another knife making course on Sunday for a week, and my folks are over at the weekend, helping me shuffle lots of stuff into the loft, mum's on curtain making duty for the spare room.  I can then decorate and finish off more things in the house, without having to clamber over boxes to get anywhere.  Just hoping the loft joists can withstand the weight...